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Add Firmware (Downgrade-MDM_REMOVE-SIMLOCK-huawei_Id_remove

Reset_FRP-Dead Boot Repair-Recovery_Fix-DEMO_MODE_REMOVE)


Huawei Honor 5X GR5X KII-L23

Huawei Honor 6A DLI-TL20

Huawei Y6 Prime 2018 ATU-L31-L21

Huawei Y6 Prime 2018 ATU-L42

Huawei AGS L03 C500B001

Huawei Y6II CAM-L21

Huawei Honor 7a (Pro) AUM-LXX

Huawei Honor 7c LND

Huawei GR5 KII-L21

Huawei Y7 Prime 2018 LDN-LXX

Huawei Y7 Prime 2018 DUB-LX1-LX2-LX3

Huawei P8 Lite ALE-LXX

Huawei Honor 8X Max ARE-L21

Huawei Honor 7i ATH-TLXX

Huawei Honor 7i ATH-CLXX

Huawei Ascend G7 L01 G760 V100R001C00B2

Huawei Ascend G7 L03 G760 V100R001C00B251

Huawei Honor 5X KIW L21

Huawei Honor 5X KIW AL10

Huawei Honor 8c BKK AL00B

Huawei MediaPad T3 8 KOB W09 CHNC500B013

Huawei MediaPad T3 8 KOB L09 CHNC500B013

Huawei MediaPad T2 FDR-AXX

Huawei Nova CAZ AL00

Huawei Nova CAZ AL10

Huawei Glory Play 4X CHE1-CL10

Huawei Y6 SCL-U23

Huawei Y6 SCL-U21

Huawei Y6 SCL-L21

Honor 7C(All LND) Unbrick Repair




•Samsung Galaxy A52 5G SM-A526U U10

•Samsung Galaxy A71 SM-A716U Ug

•Samsung Galaxy Note 10 PLUS SM-N975U U7

•Samsung Galaxy Note 10 SM-N970U U7

•Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G SM-N981U U2

•Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G SM-N986U U2

•Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G SM-N986U U5

•Samsung Galaxy 510 Plus SM-G975U U7

•Samsung Galaxy 510 Plus SM-G975U U9

•Samsung Galaxy S10 SM-G973U U7

•Samsung Galaxy S10e SM-G970U U7

•Samsung Galaxy S20 5G SM-G981U U2

•Samsung Galaxy S20 5G SM-G981U U7

•Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G SM-G781U U8

•Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G SM-G781U U6

•Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G SM-G781U U9

•Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G SM-G781V U5

•Samsung Galaxy S20 PLUS 5G SM-G985U U2

•Samsung Galaxy S20 PLUS 5G SM-G986U U7

•Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G SM-G988U U2

•Samsung Galaxy $20 Ultra 5G SM-G988U U7

•Samsung Galaxy S21 5G SM-G991U U4

•Samsung Galaxy S21 5G SM-G991U U5

•Samsung Galaxy S21 5G SM-G991U UB

•Samsung Galaxy S21 5G SM-G991U U9

•Samsung Galaxy S21 FE SM-G990 U2 U7

•Samsung Galaxy S21 FE SM-G990U U9

•Samsung Galaxy S21 PLUS 5G SM-G996U U4

•Samsung Galaxy S21 PLUS 5G SM-G996U US

•Samsung Galaxy S21 PLUS 5G SM-G996U U8

•Samsung Galaxy S21 PLUS 5G SM-G996U U9

•Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra SM-G998U U4

•Samsung Galaxy 521 Ultra SM-G998U US

•Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra SM-G998U U8

•Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra SM-G998U U9

•Samsung Galaxy S22 5G SM-5901E U7

•Samsung Galaxy S22 5G SM-5901U U3

•Samsung Galaxy S22 PLUS 5G SM-S906U U3

•Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G SM-5908E U7

•Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G SM-S908U U3

•Samsung Galaxy S23 5G SM-S911B U3

•Samsung Galaxy S23 PLUS SM-S916B U3

•Samsung Galaxy S23 PLUS SM-S916U U2

•Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G SM-59188 U3

•Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra SM-5918U U2

•Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 SM-F721U_U3

•Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G SM-F711U US

•Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G SM-F916U UZ

•Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G SM-F9268 U4

•Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G SM-F9268 U5

•Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 5G SM-F9368 U4

•Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 5G SM-F936U U3

•Samsung Galaxy A11 A115FXXS2BVD2

Dead Boot Repair

•Samsung Galaxy A03s A037F U4 OS13 Scatter (A037FXXS4CWD5)

•Samsung Galaxy A03S A037F U1 Dead Boot Repair Solution Final Fix

•Samsung Galaxy A03s A037U U2 OS11 Scatter (A037USQS2AVB3)

•Samsung Galaxy A04e A042F-boot repair

•Samsung Galaxy A32 5G A326B U4 OS12 Scatter (A326BXXU4BVE3)

•Samsung Galaxy A22 A225F U6 OS13 Scatter (A225FXXU6DWE3)

•Samsung Galaxy M01s (M017F=U2)Dump File Nv FileDead BootRepair

•Samsung Galaxy A10S A107F U5Dump File Nv FileDead BootRepair

•Samsung Galaxy S9,S9 Plus,S8,S8 Plus Dead Boot Repair

•Samsung Galaxy A10S A107M U3 OS9 Scatter (A107MUBU3ASL1)

•Samsung Galaxy A31 A315F U1 OS12 Scatter (A315FXXU1DVD8)

•Samsung Galaxy A32 A325F U2 OS12 Scatter (A325FXXU2BVD6)

•Samsung Grand Prime SM-G531FDead Boot Solution WithutBox

•Samsung Galaxy A12 A125U U3 OS11 Scatter (A125USQS3BVA2)

•Samsung Galaxy A12 A125FZH U2 OS11 Scatter (A125FZHU2BVB3)

•Samsung Galaxy A12 A125F U2 Scatter

•Samsung Galaxy A22 A225M U3 OS11 Scatter (A225MUBS3AUL6)

•Samsung Galaxy A22 A225F Unbrick Scatter Firmware Dead boot repair

•Samsung Galaxy A32 A325F U2 BIT 2 Dead boot repair

•Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 SM-T815_Dump Dead Boot Repair Dump File

•Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace SM-J110H(KTU84P.J110HXXU0AOGA-4.4.4-KTU84P)

•Samsung Galaxy J2 SM-J200GU(LMY47X.J200GUDXU3AQL1-5.1.1-LMY47X)

•Samsung Galaxy J2 Core (M1AJB.J260FPUU1ASA1-8.1.0-M1AJB)

•Samsung Galaxy J2 SM-J200G (LMY47X.J200GDDU2AQE2-5.1.1-LMY47X)

•Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime (MMB29K.G570FDDU1AQC4-6.0.1-MMB29K)

•Samsung Galaxy J1 2016 SM-J120F_U2 EMMC DUMP FILE Dead Boot Repair

•Samsung Galaxy J7 SM-J700F LMY48B.J700FXXU1AOL1 Dead Boot Repair

•Samsung Galaxy M32 M325F U3 OS11 Scatter (M325FXXU3AUK1)


Software Password = TFT

Winrar Password = TFT

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